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Introduction to Realtime Web Applications

With WebSockets and WebRTC! 🚀


Introduction to Realtime Web Applications is a workshop aimed at introducing to participants the principles behind building highly interactive and real-time web applications which has wide applicability.

Participants will pick up the basics of how to build realtime web applications through utilising WebSockets and WebRTC technologies to build applications such as text and video chat rooms, as well as get inspired to build similar applications themselves.

In addition, we also go through the basics of utilizing Docker and deploying the applications on Heroku, as well as other considerations on scalability and reliability.

This workshop was initially run as an Independent Activities Period (IAP) workshop at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. To encourage participants to produce cool realtime applications, we organised a hackathon towards the end of the workshop, and we saw many interesting projects! The winning submissions are included in the project list below. Feel free to try them out!

We're looking forward to hosting a second run of the workshop at FOSSASIA Summit 2021!


Here are some of the projects built from this course!

Group Chat Application 💬

Group Chat Application 💬

A simple group chat room to demonstrate usage of the WebSockets protocol, the browser WebSockets API and the node.js WebSockets library, which enables the user to send and receive messages in real-time.

Location Sharing Application 📍

Location Sharing Application 📍

A location-sharing application that allows users to create and join rooms where they can share their live locations. Built with WebSockets and leaflet.js

Group Video Call Application 📸

Group Video Call Application 📸

An video call application that allows users to join the same video call room, and share their webcam video feed and microphone audio feed. Built with WebRTC and WebSockets

Participant SubmissionInteractive Realtime Board ✏️

Interactive Realtime Board ✏️

Virtual collaboraive sketching canvas for your design ideas! Getting started on a new project and ideating with your teams virtually? This interactive realtime interactive board will help with your team's design thinking process, providing you a platform for collaborative sketching and discussions..

Participant SubmissionSeventeen 1️⃣7️⃣

Seventeen 1️⃣7️⃣

Want to get know someone better, but don't have the patience to talk to them? Seventeen is a website where you use drawings to understand your friend better and learn how they perceive the world, without speaking a single world. All in 17 seconds.


This workshop was brought to you by:

Lowen (Low En)

Software Engineer | Passionate about Web Technologies

Daryll Wong

Software Engineer | Product Enthusiast